Book Review: The Absent Superpower by Peter Zeihan

The title of Peter Zeihan’s latest book, The Absent Superpower: The Shale Revolution and a World Without America, does an excellent job of summing up the two main themes running through the text. In Zeihan’s mind, the growth of the shale industry in North America, and an American Foreign Policy that is slowly shifting away from … More Book Review: The Absent Superpower by Peter Zeihan

The Geopolitics of the Arctic

There are many regions in the world which have ongoing territorial disputes between various countries. Some areas have been fought over for centuries, whether due to population, resources, or strategic significance. Some of these disputes are relatively recent, thanks to changing political situations and border revisions. One region, however, is unexpectedly home to a number … More The Geopolitics of the Arctic

Country Profile: Armenia

  Armenia is a mountainous, landlocked country with a total population comparable to any major European or American city. It has no coastline, and two of its neighbours have closed their borders to it. Historically, the last one hundred years have been extremely harsh to Armenia and the Armenian people. Geographically, the country seems destined to … More Country Profile: Armenia